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smartpower media berita realistis jakarta 2021 media terpercaya is an audio marketplace and digital voice over agency that focusing on distributing voice over talent and background music to it’s costumer. Headquartered in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

The company has more than 200 Voice over talent and is reportedly the first and the biggest digital voice over agency in Indonesia in 2020.

Besides that, is one and the biggest audio marketplace in Indonesia too, with more than 50 music on its online marketplace. had over 20 employees with client, voice talent, and music contributors in more than 30 countries.

History : Inavoice was created by the idea of how a better voice over and audio marketplace could work. In this industry, we have been working as consultants, marketers, and content producers.

We frequently get asked by voice over talents and music contributors about how they should keep on moving in this industry. Therefore, we come up with an answer as a team in Inavoice. was founded in 1 September 2020 by Fajar Risna Rosedra, Indar Adhi Kusuma, Jatmiko Kresnatama, and Henry Yunan Lennon as the Co-Founder. They have special skills on their capability. Risna Fajar Rosedra has developed his skill in Gadjah Mada University and works as Chief of Administration in

Indar Adhi Kusuma is the CTO that has Studied his IT Skill on Amikom Yogyakarta since 2007, and was develop by himself. Jatmiko Kresnatama has developed his sound engineering and voice directing as his main skill and has studied Media Studies in Atma Jaya Yogyakarta. Henry Yunan Lennon is the Head of the Creative Department that has his reputation on several art project in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Inavoice create voice over talents and music contributors profile precisely by their best categories, so it will be mutually beneficial for clients and talents to fit their needs, and showing their best shot! We use a system called “iVoice Algorithm”.

This system will generate voice over talents and music contributors’ profiles randomly where each of them will have the opportunity to appear alternately as clients come to visit the page. Furthermore, we will continue to update our website for a better user experience.

At the beginning of establishment, Inavoice has more than 200 voice over talent from more than 30 countries. This was allegedly due to the spread of the Covid 19 pandemic, in which many people were laid off from their jobs and many people were looking for work that could be done from home.

Besides that, has developed its audio marketplace and has more than 50 music in it. is are trying to be ‘One Stop Solution for customers’ Audio Visual Products.

Business Products : The digital voice over agency is Inavoice’s best-known product. provides a B2B platform for voice over talents under its agency and costumers. Inavoice’s digital voice over agency helps voice over talent reach more clients. had over 200 voice over talent with different voices variation and it offers these voices variation in 15 categories. In the early of its beginning, Inavoice has several clients, such as Bank Indonesia, Shopee, Specs, Telkomsel, Wismilak, and several other clients. also provides background music for any audiovisual products on its audio marketplace. Until now, has 6 Music contributors from around the world.

The background music that has in its audio marketplace are in various categories, such as vlog, commercial music, corporate music, infographic music, and else.

Overview : is a platform that provides prices for different kinds of voice over services, such as commercials, corporate, IVR, and else. It also has a library of articles to educate voice over talent, or event the clients that want to hire voice over service.

They are still developing, but in its early beginning, it has more than enough voice over talents and music background for audiovisual project. Their website is easy to use, you can directly buy music and request a quote from the page. Also, we can hear the voice over and background music demo from each page. Official website

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